I'm Looking for Funding

How to Apply for Funding

Full applications by invitation only. For an indication of suitability, send an email saying where you are based, and what you do/why you are seeking funding in a couple of sentences. We will then contact you to ask for a formal application if you fulfil our current priorities.

If you have been invited to apply for a grant you will need to complete an application form and provide additional documentation as stated on the form which you can download here: FfC Application Form (PDF) / FfC Application Form (DOC).

Once complete please return your completed application form, supporting documents and signed copy of ‘Criteria for Eligibility for Funding Form‘ by email to info@foundationforchildren.org.uk

Please ensure you have read the eligibility section of this website before completing and submitting your grant application.

We will respond to requests for funding on a quarterly basis. If you are successful in your application you will also be required to submit six monthly monitoring reports, you can download the monitoring requirements here: Monitoring (PDF)