I'm Looking for Funding


1)     Organisations should have been established for social purposes rather than the primary pursuit of profit for shareholders, and will generally be based within local communities.

2)      Foundation for Children (FfC) will not generally provide funding for individuals, large charitable or statutory organisations.

3)     The funding provided by FfC should demonstrably be able to alleviate poverty and overcome disadvantage amongst children in need in the UK through meeting at least one of the objects of FfC, which are as follows:

a)     to assist disadvantaged parents, families and carers to provide for the better health, safety and welfare of their children in an environment in which they can flourish and develop their full potential

b)    to promote and enable their access to the highest quality care and education

c)     to help disadvantaged parents, particularly single parents, to obtain training and employment whilst balancing their work and family responsibilities

4)     To be eligible for funding,  organisations should:

a)     benefit disadvantaged children, young people and their families and carers in England and Wales

b)    have in place appropriate insurances

c)     have policy statements and guidelines in place for Equal Opportunities, Health and Safety, Child Protection, and Quality Assurance (where applicable)

d)    ensure all staff who have any contact with children, both paid and voluntary, have an up to date Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau clearance

e)     apply for funding from other sources such as trusts, district/borough councils, businesses or other sponsorship or contribute to the costs in kind

f)     comply with mutually agreed reporting and monitoring requirements

g)    meet Ofsted and Local Authority statutory requirements as appropriate.

5)     Organisations should present a proposal for funding in the standard form required by FfC’s application process and should provide opportunities for FfC Trustees and representatives to visit existing services for which they have responsibility.

6)     Funding will not normally be available for organisations which hold unallocated reserves in excess of what is required or not allocated for legitimate purposes. Organisations applying for funding should be able to demonstrate a direct and cost-effective impact on the priorities identified in (3) above.

You will be required to submit a signed copy of this eligibility form when you submit your application which you can download here: Criteria for Eligibility for Funding (PDF)