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About Us

Foundation for Children was established in 2010 to alleviate poverty and overcome disadvantage amongst children in need in the UK. Its objects are as follows:

  • To assist disadvantaged parents, families and carers to provide for the better health, safety and welfare of their children in an environment in which they can flourish and develop their full potential
  • to promote and enable their access to the highest quality care and education
  • to help disadvantaged parents, particularly single parents, to obtain training and employment whilst balancing their work and family responsibilities

The present Chair of the charity, Dr Kay Turner, set up Foundation for Children when the childcare social enterprise she had created in 1994 to provide a nationwide network of employer-supported partnership nurseries was eventually transferred in 2010 to the Midcounties Cooperative.

Foundation for Children enables a focus to continue on the work started by Dr Turner to support  children through  social enterprises in disadvantaged communities.  However, this focus by our charity now takes the form of providing funding for other community organisations supporting disadvantaged children and their families, rather than the provision of direct services, and is thereby able to cover a wider range of age, disadvantage and location of children.

The link with employers continues, initially through funds from the Midcounties Cooperative as a result of the transfer of the nurseries in 2010, but in future through Foundation for Children’s ability to help organisations discharge their corporate social responsibilities in a robust, efficient but caring manner.

Presently all the work of the charity is undertaken voluntarily by the three trustees, Kay Turner, Laura Watts and Stefan Watts.

For more information about how we work, recent projects, how to apply for funding or how to donate, go to the relevant section on this website, or look us up on the Charity Commission website – charity number 1137031.

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